Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last time, Monsters.

First week of Impulstanz! I took Contemporary technique from Kathleen Hermesdorf, Partnering from Laura Aris Alvarez, and Parkour from Leech. I had a leg up in Kathleen's class because she was teaching in Amsterdam when I was there - loved her class, she is amazing. Partnering was very interesting, I learned a lot and feel I have a better foundation and understanding. Lots of running in that combination though so I ended up with a pretty wicked split under the pad of my big toe. Parkour was challenging for the quads, we did so many precision jumps the first two days that I could not roll out of bed on Wednesday and I walked down the 81 stairs (I recently counted) backwards from the apartment for the next couple of days. I did master a pretty cool vault on the last day though! I am planning to take my skills to the streets of Atlanta on my return :). Went around Vienna a bit this weekend, saw the palace and went to the Belvedere where they have a collection of Klimt's work - definitely a highlight of my stay here. Now I am in week two! My sore legs have healed so I'm ready to go!


  1. Virg! Im so excited you are loving it! I cant wait to hear more and talk with you in person about it! Im going to do a big post soon about some Bates stuff!