Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Research

Second week of Impulstanz! This week I had Release technique with Marta Coronado, Contemporary technique with Peter Jasko, and Rosas repertory, 'Drumming', again with Marta. Release technique was awesome, Marta's class is very challenging for the brain and things keep getting faster and faster so it was a lot of fun and I learned so much. Peter Jasko is really awesome, he has this wild movement style with incredible inversion skills. High energy, so very exhausting, and so much fun. 'Drumming' was very interesting to work on. Each section of the dance is in a different square of the golden ratio that you have imagined on the floor. Very angular movement that became increasingly complex, faster, and accented. Was a really fun challenge, not like anything I have really done before and to music I love (Drumming by Steve Reich). Really a great week for dancing!
This weekend I went to Budapest with another dancer I met. Budapest rocks! The city is absolutely beautiful, I also like that it is small enough to walk everywhere. Lots of cool, funky shops and gorgeous architecture. It felt like a cross between Paris and Asheville. And everything was much cheaper! Ate amazing Hungarian food, went to a really cool flea market, walked around, saw a castle. And on Sunday we went to one of the Turkish baths that is nearly 500 years old. Crazy to be in a place that old for the same recreational use it was created for...beautiful and relaxing after a great week.

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  1. boop. i want pictures. sounds like you are learning so much! can't wait to roll around on the floor with you in our new house.